Meet the Team


Pete Higgins

Is the new director of the company.  Pete has been active in archaeology since 1973, starting in industrial archaeology before widening his interest on joining Southampton City Archaeology Unit.  He was a founder member of Southern Archaeological Services, and was part of their expansion programme for 13 years.  A move to Scotland in 2005 led to the establishment of Archaeology North Ltd, before he became head of Highland Archaeology Services in 2016.  His management skills have been honed on more than 500 commercial and community archaeology projects across the UK.


Lachlan McKeggie

Lachlan joined us in February 2013.  He is an archaeology graduate of Glasgow University who has worked for Historic Scotland and Archaeology Scotland as well as ARCH Highland, Alness Heritage Centre and other organisations.  He has particular expertise in fieldwork and community archaeology.


Lynne Mckeggie 

Lynne joined the team in 2013. She has a BA from Cardiff University and a post graduate masters in material culture and artefact studies from Glasgow University. She has worked for Historic Scotland, ARCH Highland and Alness Heritage Centre in various roles. Lynne works for HAS in a range of areas but with a particular interest in artefacts and their care. Lynne also works as a collections specialist at Groam House Museum in Rosemarie.          

We are pleased to work with many locally-based freelance archaeologists across the north of Scotland, with a wealth of local knowledge and expertise, who are subject to the company's quality assurance procedures.  All are experienced archaeologists with extensive local knowledge and expertise.

We also have a wider network of finds, geophysics and other specialists in the UK who assist where necessary.